High-quality water is critical to your guests and essential for effectively running your hotel, restaurant or brewery. Culligan Industrial Water Utah has the engineering experts, service specialists and top-of-the-line equipment to meet all of your water treatment needs.

The experts at Culligan Industrial Water Utah understand that your hotel, restaurant or brewery needs great-tasting filtered water and softened water to meet guest standards and support your daily operations. Our team has experience working with numerous hotels, restaurants and breweries, providing each with efficient and effective water systems that solve their specific water needs.

Culligan is an end-to-end partner with more than 80 years of experience solving complicated water treatment problems, and navigating the sensitive hospitality industry environment.

Hospitality Water Treatment Applications

Hotels, Condos, Nursing Homes – Water softening systems for laundry services, dishwashing, bathing and boiler feed water treatment. Systems are scaleable from 5-200 GPM based on size of facility. Brine reclamation systems, allowing customers to save 25% on salt costs.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops – Reverse-osmosis water filtration systems and carbon filtration for drinking water, preparing coffee and food and more.

Brewers and Distillers – Reverse-osmosis water filtration systems and carbon filtration for beverage production and distilling.

Hospitality Water Treatment Services

We specialize in the following hospitality water quality services: System engineering and installation, water testing, salt delivery, preventative monthly maintenance, UV/filter changes and more.

When you choose Culligan, you choose:

  • A team of local experts that thoroughly understands the stringent water requirements for hospitality facilities.
  • A guaranteed best solution for your specific water needs.
  • Around-the-clock emergency service to handle unexpected issues in-person or over the phone, ensuring your system is back running smoothly as soon as possible.
  • Simple-to-use, state-of-the-art water treatment products you can rely on for metalworking, food and beverage production, hospitality, boiler treatment, and more.
  • A sufficient return on investment and maximum lifespan on water infrastructure.
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance services, salt delivery and performance check-ups.
  • Tailored solutions with low upfront costs.
  • Quality water that meets EPA, FDA, USDA and state guidelines, while reducing front-end investments and ongoing operating costs.

How it works

Culligan Industrial Water Utah’s process begins with an on-site water analysis and survey. During this meeting, one of our water experts will take the time to understand your needs and diagnose your water problems. We also test your water, and verify the results at Culligan’s own NELAP-accredited analytical laboratory upon request.

Because our water treatment systems have a modular design, we can easily customize a solution to meet your specific needs, nothing more — this saves you money and can bolster your return-on-investment in the long-run. Our state-of-the-art equipment offers water softening, reverse-osmosis water filtration and deionization to provide you with the exact water quality your facility demands.

Hospitality Case Studies

Learn about Culligan Industrial Water Utah’s experience with the hospitality industry:

At Fellowship Manor, a nursing home in Ogden, we customized a water softening system to help with scale and hardness build up on their boiler and water using appliances. Typically, duplex softeners are set up as twin alternating units, where one unit is online while the other sits on standby. However, with Culligan progressive flow technology we were able to provide a duplex system which monitors consumption (measured in GPM) and automatically adapts when water demand spikes (usually in the mornings when from 7am-9am). Not only did this ensure there was adequate water pressure when multiple appliances & fixtures are in use, but also helped decrease the capital investment needed to supply soft water to the entire building. Along with the progressive flow technology, Culligan also provides a brine reclaim system estimated to save the end user up to 20% of waste water and salt consumption. In Fellowship Manor’s case, we estimated annual salt and waste savings of $600.00-$700.00 per year!

Additional Hospitality Case Studies

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