Whether you are caring for patients in a healthcare facility, or prolonging the lifespan of valuable equipment in your manufacturing plant, Culligan Industrial Water Utah has the experience and expertise to design a custom water treatment system for you. View our commercial and industrial water treatment case studies to learn how we’ve helped businesses achieve higher flow rates, lower operating costs and produce consistent production and test results.

Culligan Industrial Water Utah Case Studies

Healthcare Case Studies

Culligan provides high purity recirculating water systems, complete with water softening, reverse osmosis, carbon/sediment filtration, UV disinfection, and deionization for the healthcare industry. These systems are used in production of Lab Grade water. With the water treatment equipment Culligan provides hospitals are able to wash their surgical instruments, labs are able to test cell cultures accurately with minimal error, and boilers are able to run more efficiently – all of which help reduce downtime and major capital investment.

A hospital lab, in Salt Lake City, was already using our water softening, reverse osmosis, carbon/sediment and UV equipment to create make up water for their analyzing machines. The lab added 7 analyzers and needed larger flow rates to keep up with the machine demands. Culligan up-graded their water softeners to accommodate 160 GPM, increased the size of their Reverse Osmosis system to 20,000 gallons/day, added a second 3,000 gallon storage tank complete with level controls and a VFD pump, increased their Deionized water treatment capabilities, and created a high purity recirculation loop plumbed to each of the analyzers. As the lab continues to grow we help engineer systems to meet their strict water quality demands, up to 18 meghom.

Hospitality Case Studies

At Fellowship Manor, a nursing home in Ogden, we customized a water softening system to help with scale and hardness build up on their boiler and water using appliances. Typically, duplex softeners are set up as twin alternating units, where one unit is online while the other sits on standby. However, with Culligan progressive flow technology we were able to provide a duplex system which monitors consumption (measured in GPM) and automatically adapts when water demand spikes (usually in the mornings from 7am-9am). Not only did this ensure there was adequate water pressure when multiple appliances & fixtures are in use, but also helped decrease the capital investment needed to supply soft water to the entire building. Along with the progressive flow technology, Culligan also provides a brine reclaim system estimated to save the end user up to 20% of waste water and salt consumption. In Fellowship Manor’s case, we estimated annual salt and waste savings of $600.00-$700.00 per year!

Manufacturing Case Studies

A government contractor in Utah County machines parts for aerospace projects including airplanes, launch systems, circuit boards, missiles and bomb racks. In the machining process they use high pressure water cutting devices, known as waterjets. These systems are able to cut through aluminum, stainless steel, even titanium (!), and are an efficient way to ensure precise cuts time and time again – as long as the finite tips do not plug, or corrode. This is where Culligan Water comes in. Through Culligan filtration equipment, we are able to provide the make-up water for these complex systems. Additionally, the end user uses our zero waste deionization equipment to blend their coolant and cutting fluid, which is a significant water and cost savings.

Additional Case Studies

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